American University (AU) offers students the opportunity to enhance their academic experience while developing new insights on the different cultures of the world as they study abroad. The combination of quality education, reasonably priced tuition fees and a wide-ranging curriculum make our program the perfect option for students who are looking to learn “out of the box.”
Students are able to choose from a number of Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Masters and Doctorate degrees from American University including but not limited to; theology, liberal arts, philosophy, business administration, architecture and economics, as well as degrees in physics, education, journalism, law and medicine.
During the pursuit of one of our various degrees, pupils will learn from and work with respected scholars and renowned researches. This limitless opportunity not only forms confidence, but it helps build the life experience needed to be truly successful in one of these prestigious careers.
The perfect blend of rigorous academic study in small focused groups and the inspiration gained from the experience of learning abroad is unmatched to other forms of education. During a students participation in one of our programs they will be able to experience their surroundings and the people within them through a new light. We involve our students in community activities, and offer opportunities for leisure as well.
Our diverse team of educators and staff have years of experience with international education programs. Come join American University in your pursuit of a dynamic education. Explore our website, call us today or click here to fill out our information request form.

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