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About AU

We are partners in Israel by the Department of Justice, likes Non Profit Organization by name: The College of Neuropsychoanalysis Licence Number: 580560720. R.A. USA and Brazil with Einstein College. Accreditation of the Facei - Einstein College: Ordinance of the MEC: 06, of 07/01/2008. Published in the Official Diary of the Union: 08/01/2008 
Minister of Education. MEC
We are acreditated by: American College of Psychiatry,
 Nacional Council of Mental Health and Psychosomatic Medicine.
American College of   Medical Neuropsychopathology 
American Academy of Neuropsychoanalysis
We are Branch of American College of neuropsychoanalysis
Byzantine University
The Univerisity of the Byzantine Orthodox Church
American Federal University offers students opportunities to learn in various locations through out the World. Our mission is pure and simple; to help students achieve their educational goals in a unique and dynamic environment. 
American Federa University’s main headquarters are located in the heart of South America. Brazil. Students who choose to come to stay with us at Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Rio Grande do Sul located in the center of Brazil.and Latin America. This beautiful places also boasts the cities main historical, cultural, and religious designations all within walking distance, allowing students to truly immerse themselves in the culture and history South America has to offer.American University offers to our students, a variety of degrees and programs. Including; Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Medical School, and Physics. Please feel free to explore our complete list of programs during your visit on our website.We are now accepting new students! Please fell free to explore our curriculum, continue on to our Contact page to fill out the information request form and learn more about our locations, fees, and programs. The Rector invite everyone to have a nice experience with us. We are recognized by the American Goverment by Number: N10000003518  FEI/EIN 272309244. By Florida Department of State. Accredited by The College of Neuropsychoanalysis in Israel. Our branches in Brazil.
Directions :
Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia do Brasil
Conselho Federal de Medicina Biomolecular
Chapelle Cathedrale à Paris
Chapelle Cathédrale Notre Dame de Tendresse
2 rue Clouet
75015 Paris
Tel 0143061934
La chapelle est ouverte:
Du mardi et mercredi :de 9h à16 H.
jeudi: de 9h à 19h.
vendredi de 9hà12h.

Monseigneur Nicolas reçoit sur rendez-vous les mercredis et jeudis. ( 0143061934.) 
Monseigneur Nicolas reçoit sur rendez-vous les mercred,
Phone: 05 53 52 55 10 Saint Mary Convent 24450 La Coquille.
Our Patriarch now bears the title of Patriarch of Nations. 
He is Archbishop of Metropolitan Paris and presides over the Church of France and the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of the Nations, which includes 62 bishops to this day, spread over the five continents. 
He presides over all the organizations of the Church.
The headquarters of the Patriarchate is located: 
Cathedral Chapel Notre-Dame de Tendresse 
2 rue Clouet 
75015 Paris
You can meet the Patriarch by appointment with his secretariat: 
Tel +33 (0) 1 43 06 19 34 (Tuesday to Friday morning from 9am to 12pm and Tuesday to Thursday from 2pm to 4pm)
His mail: 
Facebook Pages: Patriarch Nicolas and Orthodox Patriarchate of Nations.



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