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                                              Chairman CEO Professor Dr. Rudolf Nikolic

Primary and grammar school finished in Belgrade.

Studied Aeronautical engineering and graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer at 1984.

As of 1984 Rudolf Nikolic has been working as a Government employee at Ministry of Transport , Air Traffic Control and was appointed as a Chief of section of Flight Authorization Department which has purpose to care of safety of air space.

During this period of time as a Government employee , Rudolf Nikolic has finished internal school for instructors at Government's employees.

Rudolf Nikolic left Government Service at 1999 by his own request.


Rudolf Nikolic voluntary worked for International Police Commission - Australia Command as a Liutenant General and Head of Intelligence & Security Department.

Retired under own request after years of working and experience at the rank of Brigadier General.


Rudolf Nikolic is certified as a body instructor.


Rudolf Nikolic has long time experience in Martial Arts moreover He is a licenced Instructor.


Rudolf Nikolic fluently speak , understand and write an English Language.


Rudolf Nikolic is a Doctor of Human Rights Science.


Rudolf Nikolic is a Doctor of Criminal Justice and Proffessor at American University INC.


Rudolf Nikolic was appointed as Vice President and Commander of United Nations Peacekeeping Forces Intergovernmental Organization.


Rudolf Nikolic is a Bishop of Benedictine Secular Order of the Missionaries of Charities and President of Benedictine Secular Order of Missionaries of Charities.


Rudolf Nikolic was appointed as a Vice President of United Nations Mission of International Relations Intergovernmental Organization.


Rudolf Nikolic was appointed as a Vice President and CEO at American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations INC after years of voluntary service.





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