We are accredited in Israel by the Department of Justice, likes Non Profit Organization by name: The College of Neuropsychoanalysis Licence Number: 580560720. R.A. and Einstein College. Accreditation of the Facei - Einstein College: Ordinance of the MEC: 06, of 07/01/2008. Published in the Official Diary of the Union: 08/01/2008 
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Curriculum and Procedures

Which of the following are you interested in?
  • Undergraduate
  • Post-graduation
  • Master’s
  • Doctor’s
  • Medical School
  • Physics
Transcripts – Please use our provided transcript request form to obtain official transcripts from your High School, Vocational School, and/or all Colleges you have attended.
Transfer Credits – After you have been accepted, American Universities registrar will perform a complete transcript evaluation. A grade point average of 2.0 or higher will allow for a transfer of credits towards a degree from American University.
If you have attended another recognized or accredited Bible College or University and maintained an average grade of “C” or higher, your credits may be transferred towards a program with American University. However, your previous courses or major must be equivalent to the curriculum of your chosen major at American University. If your previous courses are not equivalent, then the credits may be applied towards the electives needed for your program at American University.
Student Assessment
Here at American University our staff is always pushing to improve our programs, and other aspects of the University. That’s why we ask that throughout your time as a student of American University, you take part in a series of surveys, tests, and competency demonstrations. This allows our faculty to measure student development, knowledge and fulfillment by:
  • Assessing students’ education level and background in order to more accurately advise and place students.
  • Gaining insight on student fulfillment and satisfaction with our University and offered programs.
  • Measure growth of students’ knowledge and personality while attending American University.
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We are acreditated by: American College of Psychiatry,
 Nacional Council of Mental Health and Psychosomatic Medicine. www.cnmp-edu.org
    American Board of Medicine and Surgery
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American College of   Medical               Neuropsychopathology   
American Academy of Neuropsychoanalysis
We are Branch of American College of neuropsychoanalysis

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